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Most homeowners have a refrigerator with a built-in water line for the freezer and ice maker. The automatic icemaker has been known to cause troubles with homeowners in the past, however, the modern icemakers do have fewer problems causing leaks and other headaches. If an icemaker begins to act erratic, always troubleshoot the water line as there could be a problem with the line freezing, pinching, or cracks.

How an Icemaker Works

When you switch the fridge from water to ice, there is a switch inside the electrical circuit that energizes the solenoid-operated water valve. The solenoid water valve allows water to freely flow through the valve and into the ice cube trays. When the water has frozen, it will then dump the ice into the tray where it can be chopped or pushed as whole cubes through the system and into a cup.

Signs Your Icemaker Is in Trouble

An icemaker can start to show signs it needs servicing when you see ice cubes that are smaller than normal, or ice that has a lot of extra frost on them. Sometimes there is a large chunk of ice that is blocking the line. Other times, you may notice there is no ice being made at all. Any of these symptoms show that an icemaker is in trouble and it’s time to call iFiX for icemaker repair services.

Water Shut Off Valve

Water Shut Off Valve

Malfunctioning Water Valve

We have found that a large majority of homeowners with icemaker issues often find a problem with the water valve. A water valve has a small screen on it that is designed to help remove minerals and sediment from water. When the valve screen is not cleaned, it can cause sediment buildup to occur and causes problems allowing water through the valve. The problem with a broken valve is that it can let too much water pass, causing the ice maker to overfill the trays, which leads to additional water drips and freezing inside the machine.


Faulty Appliande?
Ice Maker Shut Off Valve Box

Ice Maker Shut Off Valve Box

Turning Off a Water Valve

There is a water line connected to the fridge that has shut off valve you can use to turn off the water going into the fridge. You can turn off the water valve by looking under the sink or in the basement or in a cabinet next to the fridge. The water line is normally a small copper line with a t-valve attached to it. Once you find the valve, you will be able to turn off the cold water running into the fridge. With the water turned off, you can make repairs to the freezer and ice machine as needed before turning the valve back on, and allowing water to flow into the freezer again.

Troubleshooting an Icemaker

When you have a malfunctioning icemaker, we recommend troubleshooting the following prior to calling for repairs:

  • Control arm out of position
  • Clogged water line
  • Clogged filter
  • Broken water inlet valve
  • Icemaker not producing ice or creating enough ice

At iFiX, we specialize in providing effective services for ice machine repair needs. We know how frustrating it is when you have a broken icemaker, and how quickly it can cause other problems. If you are dealing with a fridge/freezer that is leaking or struggling to produce ice, call us today to schedule an appointment.


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