Open Breaker Box for Appliance Repair

Possible Reasons for a Tripped Breaker

Circuit breakers are safety nets for your home as they protect your home from electrical overload. If you find yourself resetting tripped breaker often, it’s time to call an electrician. We do not endorse working on an electrical service panel, unless you are a licensed electrician. However, in many situations, the tripped breaker is simply from overloading the circuit, too many things plugged into the same circuit. Here are some troubleshooting tips to follow if you keep dealing with tripped breakers:

Tip #1: Locate Your Circuit Breaker

To figure out the issue, you need to know where to start. Your service panel is normally located near the furnace or water heater, laundry area or in the garage. We have seen some older homes with circuit breakers on the exterior of the home next to the power meter. Take the time to label each breaker so you know exactly which breaker to check if there is a problem.

Tip # 2: Is the Circuit Overloaded?

One of the most common reasons for a breaker to trip is due to circuit overload. Too much power is being drawn from the circuit. Using power strips can add plugs but can also exceed the circuit capacity.

Tip # 3: Troubleshooting Tripped Breakers

If the breaker is tripped it usually will be in the middle, not on or off. If you find you breaker in this condition you need to first turn the breaker off to reset, and then turn it back on. If the breaker continues to trip unplug what you are trying to use. If the breaker continues to trip it is time to call and electrician. If the breaker doesn’t trip again then you have isolated the failure. Always use extreme caution when dealing with electricity and don’t exceed you understanding.

Tip # 4: Call a Repair Technician

We at iFiX have extensive electrical knowledge. We can correctly and efficiently diagnose your electrical appliance issues. Hiring a quality professional company will ensure you are only installing parts that are needed and not installing more and more parts until its fixed. 

If any of your appliance are malfunctioning call iFiX. We will promptly and affordably restored your peace of mind.

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