Fridge Not Keeping Temperature

Why is My Fridge Not Keeping Temperature?

When a fridge is not keeping temperature, there are several troubleshooting things you can try prior to calling a repair technician to see if the problem is fixable. Fridges often get neglected and end up with a large amounts of lint, dust, and foreign objects underneath them, causing problems with air circulation. Here are some common things to consider if your fridge is not keeping temperature.

Improper Temperature Control

If the temperature control is not working correctly, it will not maintain the right temperature. Faulty thermostats can cause coldness issues. Thermostats are usually to blame for situations where the unit is too cold and freezing everything. Check the inside panel of your fridge to see if there are instructions on what temperature your fridge needs to be set to keep cold. Allow 24 hours for any adjustments.

Door Gaskets Not Sealing

A broken door gasket is another possibility for causing problems for the fridge not keeping temperature. The door gasket is designed to make a seal when the fridge is closed so the cold air does not escape. Look for objects that are blocking the door from closing. If your doors are hard to close or don’t seem to seal properly call iFiX today!

Broken Door Switch

Do you notice if the door switch is broken? If the light doesn’t turn on and off when you open the door, there is a good chance you have a broken door switch. If the switch isn’t working right, the fridge will not resume cooling at the right time and the light will stay on when the door is closed, causing excess heat inside the fridge.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Pull your fridge out of its normal position and look at the back of the fridge and underneath it. If you see a lot of dust, food debris, and other things underneath, you could have air flow issues. The condenser coils are located under the fridge. Always unplug the fridge when you clean underneath to prevent any unintentional damage. This should be done at least annually. Allowing excess heat and poor air circulation can eventually damage the compressor resulting in expensive repairs or replacement.

Frost On Evaporator Cover

If you can see frost or snow buildup in the freezer on the rear panel, you likely have a defrost issue. If the unit can’t circulate the air the unit won’t keep uniform temperature, which can result in food loss. Simply defrosting the unit will not likely solve the failure. If defrosted the unit will work for 8-12 days and then frost over. Defrost issues are affordable and cost effective.

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